Hyper Mystic Destiny

by Wealthy Relative

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released November 26, 2012

all lyrics composed & performed by Wealthy Relative
all beats composed & performed by Mortal Dan
album artwork by Dan Forke
produced by d. forke & e. shiell of The Dirty Mouth Posse
recorded by e. shiell at the old ssl room in Minneapolis, MN
mixed by e. shiell at 100 swords in Minneapolis, MN
songs contain samples. have fun finding them and don't tell anybody.



all rights reserved


Wealthy Relative Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Pizza Party
he loads that bowl because his psyche wrestles with his soul
inside a cosmic courthouse too proud to know which one holds
the gabble that will rattle the battle and find a victor
a sicker symphony of acquired desire for liquor
swimming in the liquid of the wicker with a torch in hand
with a slip of the wrist you'll be scorching the landscape
awake the day we make a change and find our fate
find what creates hate, find how to escape mistakes we make
and shape the human race we break tape
immaculate confessions in the poetry sessions
we're flexing vocal weapons repping absolutely nothing
but the heat of the sun on my back
spirit that you lack, but it's all love
got your feet stuck inside the chemical hugs
remove that thorn from your side,
let the slime slide right through the wound
we can rise above and scatter laughter seeds
along the river banks of our blood streams
real dreams

call me to the courtroom and i'll be there to kill the variables
and pull the wool from your vision
your'e swimming in a vat of superstition
and i'm sitting in the kitchen ready to start the stove
hope you know the life your'e living isn't a joke
and when the smoke clears your grip is slipping off the rope
identities lost and lines crossed but the charges are dropped
opponents bring the ragnarok but time stops
and i've exposed the jagged edges of this broken clock
make a pose and i'll paint a picture with the lights off
in perfect detail
this type of insight cannot be found for sale in a retail store
and now i'm losing faith in my city
this apple's been chewed to the core
family trees uprooted by emotional war
culture and folklore spills on to the floor and shatters
killing the fervor and darkening this novels mood
nothing that you know is un-skewed but your own crude thoughts
and a stove top covered in rot
there's nothing left in the pot
Track Name: Sleep Stance
optimism, got the vision, falling into perfect rhythm
falling into step with every living thing idealism
real is an imaginary term, feel the dirt between your toes
feed the worm and smell the rose
slip between the cracks in the pavement where the green grass grows
i'm maintaining my high hopes about the low tide
cause i know that even in the rough times
water still flows and we still keep growing old
until the blood runs stone cold or the souls been sold
story told after story told nothing really changes
we're still contestants in the same lame name game
famous in a strange way
i'm just trying to keep my craniums containments
off the pavement at the end of the day
looking forward to the time
when the fish can swim freely with the manta ray
all i'm really trying to say is that if we accept one another
we'd be void of all decay, we'd be void of mass graves
we'd be void of the days when hate reigns
love is the black to lift the stain of the pain on your t-shirt
so don't worry about the rain
when your sitting in the shade of a new way to listen to your brain
and everything that wasn't alright is now ok

everything that we do
everything that we use
everything that we choose to move out of our view
just make me new
just make me new
just make me new

life is looking beautiful and that is the truth i'm lacking proof
but it's cool because im still in my youth
i still got plenty of time to utilize my mind
got plenty of time to find the answers
waiting on the cancer
still waiting on the trance, dear sir
and waiting for death to dance her way upon my stage
i'm hoping it'll happen in my old age
and when she does i'll greet her with a wave
take her by the hand and let her take me away
because i've had a long stay
and everything that wasn't alright is now ok
Track Name: Hyper Mystic Destiny
can't relate to wealthy relatives
i'm staying stealthy relishing the benefits of meddling
with elements of wicked ways
my rebel yell will blaze a box of burning papers
that aren't really saying nothing
cause they're breaking quick like fainting spells and magnavox
sentences irrelevant, piles of ashes well beyond hellbent
hyper mystic destiny is looking hella eloquent
sheltered kids are never better till they take of the summer sweaters
and let the space waves dive down deep into the cranium
so drop the jameson and nod your brain with him yeah
cause dan stands tall raving mad with a pencil in hand
hoping that he won't be damned for exposing his crooked plans
that stem from the surely shaken pages of his notepads and blackbooks
stacking stupid hooks and knocking them down
i don't need a crown cause confidence is freedom
and i'm always positive so i've forgotten doubt

what is life without a mission
what is sight without a vision
what is heightening your system
what is light inside your prison
knowledge isn't wisdom

i'm boxing lucifer
super duper human with a putrid sewer curse
still rocking mountain shirts
and shouting loud enough to mute the universe
spewing mutant sentences using the newest words
looking like a villain but i'm polite like doofenshmirtz
girl, i don't really want to see you make your booty work
i'd rather hear you talk about the purpose of this puny earth
surfing swells over oceans of blood cells and brainwaves
a raven with a broken wing sings for safety from the stale pain
rearrange the framework of your memory house
and you can figure out why your ribcage
has been so bent out of shape lately
make a silly fake statement and i'll break it down gratefully
major d isn't in the building, he's building another one
with multiple suns (sons), no guns, and moral ethics
better check the planet before you take for granted and wreck it
we're blessed to be alive
Track Name: Survive
peel back the filmy essence as these filthy ways diminish
radiation breaks the haze as this sentences finish is found
epiderm cracks from the heat
but at least my discreet inner innards feel cleansed for a moment
hopelessness is but a drop inside the ocean
that my vessel floats above
lungs tugging at the sail when i exhale
because i stay effervescent with the method
so blessed with that so fresh wisdom
wizard fingers entering the kingdom of innumerable clouds
surrounded in the boundless
drowning in the dried pulps purpose
circa the beginning of time
just want to survive, irreparable lies are haunting my mind
confusion is alive cutting all the ties to my now lost thoughts
and the map is found even though the reasoning is flawed

i'm digging deep within the tendrils of the universe
entrails stretching from the vibrations of my verse
to the end of the earth and beyond to eternity
so lift those little butterfly wings and learn with me
we can turn the sea into gold
we can sleep under a blanket of snow in the summer
and never have to owner how we grew so cold
in the middle of this smoldering abyss
what is our true situation, what have we missed
why are we steadily pacing in circles without a target to hit
the farther we get, the harder it is to start a real fire
got the spark but the lighter's out of fuel
got the vision but i'm lacking the resources and the tools
it's human to become so foolish
does planet earth have any real worth
i think we're all clueless
alone our minds are useless
this is not a movement
it's passion that i have
to make the world happy with exactly where it's at

respect that
Track Name: The Dragonfly
caught up in the lingering cloud of a dream
my unattended projections of all reality are left to fester alone
while i remain stuck inside the duality of luck's appeal and actuality
liquid pass through cartilage and bone
this riverbank flows beyond the limit of the known
break free, break free from the fear of being alone
alienated by this self created sense of sympathy or pity rather
hesitating to make a connection so far from home
left to gather up the sticks and stones
and grow a shelter in this sweltering heat
my feet are sore from standing here and banging on this door
so i pour all of my troubles into a poem, lightyears from home

gotta have the low to appreciate the high
gotta close your eyes at times to realize they can open
hoping that i can save someone
love and hate relationship with the son of man
show me that i have a plan

am i a grown up or has my casket already been sewn shut
crushing the moans of the dead with every cannon blasted
ashes to ashes, all i can ask is that when my head collapses
could you collect the interstellar dust
and put it in a basket
wrap it with a plastic crucifix and send it down the river
shivers ripping down my skeleton
past the point of ever being well again
heaven battles hell
and now im falling down the well again
but the bucket at the bottom brings me back up to the top
crops surge with energy
now purged of any enemies i am finally free
to conceive my real feelings
in a lucid state of mind foolish eyes get wise
choosing to despise lies and embrace nightmares
cause terror is a fantasy, american tragedy
love your family and everybody else on the planet
never take your life for granted, one heart
Track Name: Wanderlost
we do we romanticize addiction
lie to ourselves
and say the negative side affects are fiction when they're not
innocence lost, paradise tossed aside
and substituted by some sort of synthesized existence
i am not alright like this
i've missed the bus and i'm stuck here
standing knee deep in stagnant swamp water and i'm sinking
talking with the empty space i try to contemplate the way i feel
but i'm trapped in the now
never knowing when, or how, or if i'll ever understand eternity
so i stay standing in the current
lost in these thoughts of purposeless thirst
yearning for some sort of solidarity of worth
searching for an escape from the spiral of silence
and this stream of consciousness
that none of us can ever break free from
once we begin this walk towards termination
walk towards a tomb
talking with doom
and he gives me a one way ticket
from a womb to a broken bridge
and i admit
that you've caught me in a not so positive state of mind
but i had to get this out so i can finally feel fine, quenched