If You Let It

by Wealthy Relative

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released November 24, 2014

written and produced by Wealthy Relative
recorded, mixed and mastered by Sleepy E
track 4 featuring Sleepy E
track 10 produced by Louie Christ
art and design by Dan Forke

for Elliot



all rights reserved


Wealthy Relative Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: House of Wolves
back back back off it
got the kombucha in the backpack pocket
balk you walk
and I can’t stop recalling
that phone call that alerted me you’d fallen

never gonna get back up
never gonna learn that your faults can catch up

Thursday night God turned the lights off
October taught me how to cry
no rewind no stop
it rained on the night that you died

who’s gonna battle 64 pikachu now?
who’s gonna listen to my new sounds?
who can I shut the door
and talk about my blues with?
you were too new to quit
I hope you’re moving with
the ebbs and the flows of
every unsung hero gone too soon
cause that’s what you were to me
perfectly missing
unheard from, but I hope you’re listening

cause you were worth a lot more
than I think you thought
taught me to teach
and now look what I got:

something so important

screaming sports out a Ford Taurus
wolf at the door,
we both know the chorus

I’m diving off a metal board
into a wet horde of memories
scorched by the cigarette burns in my dreams

throwing rocks off the top of the world
toss that disc, and show me
how to talk to a girl

slinging disses at each other cause didn’t matter

know that you don’t believe but
I know that I’ll see you in the after
in the after
Track Name: Becoming
I wish that I was Patrick Danville
instead I'm pulling cords on parachutes and finding anvils
Off the roller coaster into the toaster oven
A worn pair of pants makes a mournful dance
for every button lost in the turbulence
And I'll be sent where the words went
when they were forgotten
There ain't nothing stopping ka but flaws
too often dwelt upon
Heironymous Bosch, not posh
spirit creature is a megalodon
caught in an aquarium
I pulled the polygon seeds
from the trees and I buried them
I'm very weary when the sun is gone rom sky
I've denied god but only 2 times
3rds the charm right?
Or is that when I strike out?
I don't know, been shrouded in doubt since 13
I'm only human but I'm not sure what that means

picking at the glue between the seams of my dream journal
see the turtle of enormous girth
awake another day walking the earth that sits on his shell
Listen well and we'll be well met
Forget hell

selling light

remember white life
don’t you dare bite into what you don’t need
you’ve been lied to by the pied piper and his news on the TV
we see what we would like to see
but what will there be when man fizzles

Not much of beat poet
but I can scribble with the rest

death is left to flesh and bone
my soul knows no headstone
left alone to meditate but
you ain’t opening no chakra with some pot so
Shut up
I only got 2 eyes and they’ve been rolling back
cause lately I’ve been knocking boots with lady luck

matter of fact, I think that were in love

so I’ll take her to the grave pace faithfully
there ain’t nothing getting saved
but songs played and made money
one’s company, two’s all I really need
three’s funny to a recluse
and groups are tachycardia

Mortal Dan's heart beats hard
when art becomes Antarctica

(Welcome to Iceland)
Track Name: Marooned
I’ve up in the sky like a bird or a plane or a…
rocket falling from grace
if there’s divinity in this situation I just can't taste it
and I'll face it I was elated but stayed basic
like 6 years wasted getting faded on a daily basis
really wasn't worth it but it helped me learn
that even if there is a path you have to give yourself a purpose

because you’re my sister you’re my brother
and I’ve never been above a single one of you
or vice versa
the earth hurts the worst when curse words
encourage the urge to murder innocent laughter
and I’ve been chomping at the bit to watch
every last bigot's thoughts get straight shattered
and after we pass event horizon
captain of the ship arises from the ocean grave and lays
down his plan to save the slaves of vice
with no disguise
curtain torn and thunder cracks the whip
to break the lack of faith
and open up these doubtful eyes
no supplies needed where we're going I’m hoping to realign my spine
with the promise that I’ve been holding onto for dear life

yes I do get lost sometimes
yes I want to stay lost sometimes
I’m fine
so fine

dear life, I hope you last long enough
for me to find an answer and feel fine
before I die

forget the pride, stay kind

eliminating egos
I’m living it up with nothing but the
peaceful presence of other people
and trying harder to stay legal
we need an arbiter for the masses
if we want to see the planet in a sequel

and compromising doesn't make a situation equal
if there’s an evil still creeping in the shadows I will challenge it
to a battle of wits and toss it off the top of the steeple
just to see if it can mingle with the eagles
eager to dine with the devil
embellishing hell with the Beatles still stuck in my head right?
Beetlejuice thrice, never better off red dead redemption right?
Dead Wrong, Hits From the Bong, and Junior Gong
no longer on heavy rotation
but I don't regret relation to the songs

used to listen to them all night long
got used getting stoned till I couldn't stay calm
and wanted to call my mom
and tell her that I was wrong
about the universe
and the source of my social issues
I’ll gobble down a goblet of guilt
while I’m living recluse

and I’ve been living like a recluse

yes I do get lost sometimes
yes I want to stay lost sometimes
I’m fine
so fine

since that day
I measure my success
With the amount of notebooks that I fill
Relieve my stress by imaging I’m not real
I’ll eat the purple pill
I want a little bit of both
But hope sinks
When you drink to beat the thought of death
(crush stress, crush stress, crush stress)
I don’t wash my clothes until they start to smell
Half the time that I’m alive
I think I do believe in hell
But the other half I’m apathetic and happy
So what does that mean?
Track Name: Tooth and Gut [ft. Sleepy E]
you won’t find the line until you peel away the painter tape
my patronus is a river not a snake, but I wrote this verse in Parseltongue
and translated to English
I think that I’ve been wishing for the wrong thing
so bring this empty feeling
when you let me out to howl at the moon
because I’ve earned a set of wings
but learned that I’m too terrestrial to spread them

this head game is a wretched one

I hope that Santa brings me happiness for Christmas
I can’t stand winter haunted by a withered wish list
And if nervousness was a person I’d hunt him down and kiss him on the lips
just to see if that would freak him out and maybe he'd stop shitting on me

I’m sitting here just pissing in the wind, too fondly
but you’re listening
so if you feel the rhythm
step within the circle with me

and shirk the fact that I’ve been wearing the same shirt for a week now
and haven’t worn deodorant for months
like: sanity for lunch
toasted ego off the Bunsen burner
paint the landscape like I’m Joseph Mallord William Turner
the illest learner in the void of illustrator turned apathetic rapper
only dressing dapper for graduations and funerals
I think we can’t achieve the full potential of existence until after
we decide that distance isn’t relevant

is that too preachy? fine.

I’m cheifing keen weed in the seat of a Lamborghini
with a beautiful girl
I treat indecently like she’s beneath me

see what I did there? all gold chains?
super hot fire? straight to your brain?

your favorite rapper’s probably very uninspired
but living in the limelight
with no meaningful aim

unless if I’m your favorite rapper

(yeah right mane)
Track Name: Birds Taught Me How To Feel
overactive amygdala no monoscopic awakening
shoulder frigid, exterior timid and facing total dejection
i fly by side strafing any challenging connection
wrecking balls hidden in the composition blessed
with the reason that I’m even being vexed in the first place
face pressed against the glass, stressed until it breaks
in the worst way possible
grazing like the rest of the cattle but
pulse is racing like its rocket fuel
over powered, over fed, and over medicated
quick to pocket false jewels
and I’m foolish cruising straight into the obstacles
knocking over problems not stopping but I got another bruise
it's a cyclical muse and I’m exhausted but I can't fall through

to the domain of that postmaster stork or pelican
innocence is foreign at this point, hindered development
apathetic creatures form choices
but not the elements they're made of
and yeah, I revel in my existence but
the game of death is becoming an elephant
and I’m afraid of letting it out of the cage
because we run from what we don't want
what we're afraid to confront
what happened to the positive
so underwhelmed
with what we're feeling compared to what we felt
the exact opposite of staying healthy

the drugs aren't harmless
and the riches aren't wealthy
you're running out of space
and the possessions aren't helping
Track Name: Boxing With
so check it I’ve been sleeping with my clothes on
melatonin overdose eloping with cold glass of water
till the souls gone
I put hope on the pedestal
i’s peddling to heaven again
and I don't really know what I represent directly
but I know they won’t be embedding my sexiness into stone
so move to it if you think you have the answer to the riddle
fate will fiddle with the rest
the proof is in the prose, and death is up next
a raving mad rapper with a silver tongue
surfing on the essence of the sun
with crescent moon as the crest on the chest
over my lungs
festering wounds sit at the bottom of the bottle
but fire water will teach you how to waddle
like an automatic reflex

and he's next to rise up out the ashes like a phoenix
the world inside these beats is the Earl to my Toejam
programmed to hold hands
and dance passionately to the slow jams
you don't know where Dan’s been
man overboard sort of left unsorted
my warden wearing dormant coat of polish
and that's a warning to those who want to stall
the abolishment of the inequality
so please be seated
I’m leeching my philosophy you best believe that I’ll be seeding too
a virtual person without the urge for more Youtube views
we can smoothly move through and beyond
every single popular song, because it's not for you
that I’ve been writing all night long
I’m finding comfort in absolving all the wrongs
with the sounds
head in the clouds, but feet are planted firmly on the ground
these yellow teeth will never keep me from releasing
what's been holding me down

forget the damn crown
I don't need to lead a crowd
to speak out loud
define pride, I destroy proud people
not the opposite of evil
but I hope I’m not the bad man
in The Sad Story of an Astrological Sign
I just haven’t felt the same since the day that he died
Track Name: In The Forest: Looking
eternal spring, safe haven made of grass
foundation is the drum break
pluck another wing off of your back
for collection plate passed
that’s the spirit of our mass
white flag hung at half mast
gonna take it down tomorrow
put perfection in the past

take as many moments as you need
to reminisce on what didn’t last
I think that memories get hungry too
I fed my frailty and starved the skinny pimp
didn’t notice in my teens that I was walking with a limp
slipping in and out of dreams
slipping in and out of lucid lines
functioning fine and usually waking up in time

to forget to watch the news on the TV
to take notice when you show me what you need from me
to ebb and flow with the molecules of the stars and the seaweed

I swallow greif as if its sushi
and I'd like to think he knew me
better than anyone I’ve ever met before
whether or not since then I’ve turned the knobs
to a lot of doors
some with paradise in store
and some are too forlorn not to lock back up
and toss the key past my teeth
and I'll swallow in a stock room
full of good feelings and bad relief

I think I need a chance
to listen to insecurities
cause every anti-hero
has been feeling like a peer to me
I'm K, I'm Don Quixote, I'm the Stranger
Strayed away from home, cold feet, facing danger

you cant cauterize an open wound with apology
but I'm sorry
never meant to build these walls but I’ve realized
that they are me
never meant to build these walls but I've realized
that they are me
I never meant to build these walls

now and for a while at least
I found relief
in that book you borrowed me
about neurology and Buddha
and soothed the beast a bit to lose
the pukey feeling used to lucid dream
about being able to fly
now I’m staying grounded
plucking out the feathers trying not to cry

just focus on your breath

death has no motion
god is the weather
towards both you’re approaching
neither is better

so just be thankful that they let you slide
use every panic attack as a reminder that you haven’t yet died
I’m alive and that’s just fine

no pride a lot of remorse
the flowers wilt
but we stay on course

no pride a lot of remorse
the flowers wilt
Track Name: Dan's Labyrinth
I brush my teeth to the beat when I’m in my bathroom
And the rhythm's what I use to nurse all the stab wounds
there wont be a movement if you don't move
and you better do it soon
cause your lungs wont last that long
gonna crash through to the great black nothingness
back in company of a succubus
stuck without accomplice
up in couldn't stop anonymous,
honest, we got no love just lust and busted open ribs
you don't want to fuck with us
just listen how I chop and cut the contents of my cupboard up
vocal Vonnegut gobbling thoughts
and vomiting lyrics up
until my guts are touching every inch of the page
and you can hear my spirit pacing in its vessel
no matter your age

I wrestle with the recluse life
and the aim to be famous but stuck inside a cage
roll the dice and watch the change in status
never basic no fade

cause we don't play that game that you've been slanging man
no vices invade my castle but the ones that I already have
so glad so disastrous
verses written in 3D, we don't need glasses
kill the class caste
got the gas your gonna bring the matches
eating captain crunch and watching captain planet
I never hear no gats clapping
but I’m never lacking action

crafting mad art till my face turns blue
but the true artists don't ever cash in
I curse currency you've stacking

and the ladies they aren't batting lashes cause I’m weird as fuck
and if the opportunity happens I never jump at it
just my luck, I made a habit of living under the mattress
stuck in the serenity of total detachment
and if Satan steps my way with my scepter I’ll stab him in the face

never paid
no fame
great grades
you don’t know the name
so strange

I’m seeing stars and haven't even made a start yet
bleeding something awful pull the heart up off the carpet
like I’m gonna make it so, so far with this garbage
screen friends eating digital dreams
but they are nothing but a little carcass
got a lot of cash but your influence is harmless
to those that grow old without gold flow as a target
river shark spirit need no money I’m an artist
playing her vertebrae like it’s a harp course charted
star gazing got my mouth gaping
on the roof of the apartment
no relation to the popular kids I’m being honest

parted from my creations I'd be gone with
the wind no drama
caught you cowards looking yellow like its jaundice
wealthy relative so infamous but not wanted for the content

stream of consciousness isn't any less haunted
than the bongs you rip
causing problems with all of the songs I spit
so open and sing along with it

get real
got my doctorate in dealing feelings
and reading the blank stares

so heal your ignorance and listen to the
wisdom of the little kids and their innocence
isn't anything better than that path

no need to do the math
don't see the reason in facts
if you haven't lost your grasp on the past

tilt your skull back
and just laugh
Track Name: You Can Leave This
I’m only clean when I’m dirty
hope I make it thirty
but no promises Mom
because my sun is setting early
and I’ve been waking up late
fate faded in the shuffle
too nerdy for the heavy drugs and the hustle
I’m hurting for a hug
shoving love into the devils retinas
never regretting the struggle
cause I’m better for the trouble that I’ve hurdled
my personal bubbles waning
the black rain’s easier to face
when you can crane your neck
and see someone that cares
so never fear the solitude
because the solidarity's there
stoke the spark
and move your oxygen into the frozen air
feel the flame embrace you
the flagrancy is evident
and nothing can erase it now
there’s an elegant relativity every human can feel it
and I believe that if we think about each others feelings
and abolish greed we can free our minds
it wont be easy but its worth a try
taking super steep steps one demon at a time
and if you make it to the top there’s nothing better than the climb
you can see it in their eyes when they smile
there’s something beautiful
about the innocent happiness of a child
its wild and its fleeting
but ill be young forever
like greeting death with a grin
cause listening to preaching wont absolve you from you're sins
but I'm not positive on what will

so I still
thank you for the pain you cause
it reminds me that I can feel
on the stairway to heaven I slipped on a banana peel
licked the gravel and it tastes so real
stealing glances at her meal
but I never had the chance to taste it
I’m window shopping for enlightenment
facing the basic fact that a heightened existence
probably isn't living in my pipe or in my pencil

so no reckless endangerment
this bodies not a rental
Track Name: Making Space [prod. Louie Christ]
Now I'm taking animation classes and skipping half the other ones
Every canvas I complete becomes a bastard son of mine
I'm Sweet JP, and this pencil is my redline
I'm reading Stephen King and eating bean burritos
missing free throws since the third grade
Exceptional mind plagued by a heart born broken
a dragon to chase
and a lot of cognitive farts
But hey
All I really want is time to cook some eggies
and to store the scenic memories in front of all the bad ones
and to spill some art from out the windows of my noggin plates
And maybe go on a date or two
Is that harsh?
Nah dude I didn’t think so

So don't start at me with that sharp tone in your voice
cause you've hogging your free choice and taking it for granted

I say to the eyes planted on mine
From opposite side of the mirror

I'm seeing clearer since I bought
The Fabric on iTunes
And went to Canada
To hear the loons howl at their maker

breakfast for dinner
provided by a Quaker
not the best test taker
but I made it in to college
so please do me a favor
And leave me here molt my whole coat of feathers on the paper
So it goes, So I float
With the weather as a wisp of a vapor

Swimming in the moat cause I got banished from the castle
But I'd rather be napping at home it's not much of a hassle
You can catch me in the midst of an existential battle in the parking lot of rainbow
Nibbling on an Asian pear in no name clothes and writing strange prose
Later I'll be sitting on the John, reading a 2012 Juxtapoz
I'm about get on my Andre Breton on
I need a partner to complete the second part
of this exquisite corpse that I've drawn
Sometimes I wish I had a prawn arm
Sometimes I wish I could fall off the grid and grow a kale farm
But as for now I'm contented by the Parmesan on my pizza
I think my rapper persona is Wiz Khalifa’s evil twin
I think the sauna in my friend's basement is almost as cool as my friend
I know now that that the end of a story means the beginning of another
and life is circular so you will always be my brother
Track Name: Water
Stoke the fire with that worn out stick and soreness lifts from broken limbs
phantoms stand on land to find an answer that doesn't exist
lift raise lift, lungs expand inside those lazy ribs
to build and break the pressure till the effort is too much to give
a simple splintered spirit breaks in half when wind shifts
phasers switch from stun to existential moment
and I’m sick in stomach swollen from swallowing stoic potion
no coast to boast, but we’re not oceanless in Minnesota
Dove into a frozen vat of answers left unspoken

body in ruins, I can't control the toll that has stolen from me my fluids
so tell me what are we creating when we're faded
living on a thread of my unkempt tendons, once mended
by the understanding faces of the people in my life
keeping strife in the center of the target but I’m throwing left handed
planet taken for granted by seven billion people
venom secreted by vanity is never lethal
but that needle hits the skin and you can feel that it is evil
and now my teeth are full of gravel
got a steed without a saddle and I’m armorless
in uphill battle straddling a canyon
between chaos and order I’m over the border and sort of torn
looking for a lord to sort it out
so full of doubt and strife but I never act on it
cause my dad taught me that its not right

we fight fire with facts, so who's laughing
attack with happiness and a knack for causing positive reactions
and I’ve become accustomed to a lazy agent invading my castle
couldn’t tell you how it happened
but uncaging the animal is half of the battle
loosening vices like its cattle to the slaughter
so take another step towards paradise and dive into the water